VST Zone - U.F.O. ZE (VST Win x32) v1.3.1

VST Zone  -  U.F.O ZE

U.F.O. Zone Edition is upgraded version of original U.F.O. plugin with some updates, improvements and fixes. It is a subtractive synthesizer with three oscillators. Two of them have mutual filter, in which the frequency of oscillators is modulated by two LFOs.

Third oscillator has independent filter, in which the frequency is modulated by three LFOs, two of which are graphical. Final sound is adjusted by kit of effects (delay, chorus, reverb), which is applied for each group of oscillators apart. U.F.O. ZE includes many presets, which can be extended by preset randomization function. Additional presets can be expected in future updates.

Access this URL (http://r-club.su/attachments/article/190/vst_zone-ufoze1_3_1.zip)Download VST Zone - U.F.O. ZE[ ]2003 kB